Operations Associate - 2 (MOJ - Content Operations - Odia)

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Content & Operations | Full-time | COVID-19 remote

Job Overview
We are looking for operations associates who are fluent in Odia (Read, Write, Speak) and will be instrumental in helping us in curating and ideating content and running online campaigns for specific lingual groups and markets. You will drive regular communication with the top user community and will be actively involved in increasing their engagement on our platform.
What will you do:
  1. Identify the emerging visual trends from the Indian and Global short video market.
  2. Design ideas, music pieces for short videos that are easy to create and can go viral.
  3. Identify the rising creators on the short-video platforms in India. 
  4. Identify user segments, understand their preferences, and send notifications to engage them with the platform.
  5.  Understand creator's interests and help them in creating better content by analyzing the content on the platform.
  6. Analyze the performance of the challenges in explore section by defining monitoring metrics and generating insights from the data.
Required Skillset:
  1. Cultural and Linguistic understanding of your language and community
  2. Fluency in Odia and  English. (Read, Speak and Write)
  3. Basics skills in MS Excel.
  4. Break down the reasons behind the popularity of short video trends.
  5. Understanding of the popular social media trends, internet culture, blogs, music, Long, and Short Video worlds.
  6. Strong ability to work independently, under pressure, and meet deadlines
  7. Previous experience in managing online community relations.