Tech Lead (Android)

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Engineering | Full-time | COVID-19 remote


Our tech stack is Node.js/Python/Java + DynamoDB/Cassandra + Redis + Elasticsearch +Vue.js

Expectations include:

●  Writing efficient android code in Java/Kotlin following MVP framework guidelines

●  Tracing and profiling android java code

●  Familiarity with popular android libraries/methods like OkHTTP, Greendao, Fresco,

●  eventbus and job schedulers

●  Familiarity with latest android platform changes.


●  Work closely with our product and design teams to customize the ShareChat experience for the Android platform

●  Prototype new and redesign features

●  Strong coding abilities and experience with Java and Android SDK

●  A focus on UI design principles and making apps work intuitively

●  Contribute best-in-class programming skills to develop highly innovative, consumer-facing mobile products


●  Experience of building Android applications in Java using Android SDK

●  Good knowledge of Kotlin & RxJava is a great plus

●  Strong understanding of object-oriented software development

●  Mobile application development experience (Android, J2ME or Blackberry)

●  Understanding of large and complex code bases, including API design techniques to help keep them clean and maintainable.

●  Programming experience in Java and related frameworks

●  Knowledge of multithreading and memory management specific to mobile devices and caching mechanisms

●  B.S. or M.S. Computer Science or 6+ years in software development experience