Lead Data Scientist - Camera Intelligence

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Full-time | Partially remote


ShareChat (https://we.sharechat.com/) is India’s leading social media platform that operates exclusively in Indic languages. We empower our 160 million strong monthly active user community to share their opinions, record their lives and make new friends - all within the comfort of their language of choice. Our short video platform Moj, is today India's preferred short video destination with tens of millions of users from across the world. The platform has been designed for artists and creators to create innovative short video content and display their creativity to millions, globally. At ShareChat we are spearheading India's internet revolution. By providing a meaningful social experience, we are determining how the next billion users will interact on the internet.

AI @ ShareChat

If you look closely at the first 100 million Internet users from India and the rest of the users who came online in the last few years, you will notice stark differences in their needs and wants from the Internet. While the first generation Internet users in India weren’t too different from Internet users in the rest of the world, the next wave of users are truly unique in a number of ways. A huge chunk of the audience is a regional language first audience and therefore wants to consume content and services in their native language. Their taste in content also happens to be vastly different – we observe a long tail of content genres emerging that didn’t exist previously. Despite the internet growing so swiftly, many Indian Internet users are not comfortable with searching on the internet or finding whom to follow in order to satisfy their information needs. A radically simplified paradigm for content delivery is needed for this audience – one that automatically learns the user’s taste and pushes the right content at the right time to them based on their interest. ShareChat harnesses AI in its quest towards this mission possible.

We’re HIRING !!!

The AI team at ShareChat is growing. We are hiring talented individuals with expertise in the areas of Recommender Systems, Reinforcement Learning, Bayesian Optimisation, Deep Learning on Graphs, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech Processing and so on. Our team of world class scientists and engineers push the boundaries of state of the art in these areas and impact millions of people every single day. We have a strong focus on research and actively collaborate with academics on open-ended research problems.

Camera Intelligence

Within the AI umbrella our Camera Intelligence team builds unique capabilities in the ShareChat camera to help our users create engaging, original content on our platform. They focus on efficient implementations of capabilities in Computer Vision (e.g., semantic segmentation, super resolution, augmented reality and more...) and Audio Processing so that they can run on mid to low end smartphones. Our mission is to enable every creator, across the long tail of content genres, to unleash the superpowers of AI and be able to create professional grade content.

Responsibilities of Lead Data Scientist:

  • Develop highly scalable algorithms based on state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning techniques.
  • Apply state of the art in the relevant research domains to make significant contributions to the feature roadmap of the ShareChat app in the aforementioned areas.
  • Apply expert coding skills to develop scalable product features in partnership with other engineers on app and infrastructure teams
  • Apply best practices in big data processing to build feature stores, data pipelines and model inference services that can deal with massive scale.
  • Adapt deep learning algorithms to on-device applications, tune network architectures to efficiently run on low to medium end smartphones. Exploit modern parallel environments (e.g. distributed clusters, GPUs).
  • Provide technical guidance to junior members of the team and drive their productivity and expertise growth.


  • Tech/MS degree or Ph.D degree in Computer Science or related quantitative discipline.
  • Strong in Algorithms and excellent coding skills in at least one of Python, C/C++, Java, NodeJS, Go, Scala.
  • Knowledge of core Computer Vision (Image Representation, Camera Model, Image Processing, Filters, Segmentation, Morphology, 2D/3D Motion Analysis etc.).
  • Knowledge of applied Deep Learning / Machine Learning (Data pre-processing, Training, Fix Over/Underfitting, Regularization, Augmentation etc.).
  • Experience in training and deploying ML models with frameworks like Tensorflow, PyTorch, MXNet, Caffe, Torch etc.
  • Demonstrated experience on end-to-end DL project lifecycle management for real world applications.
  • At least some exposure to all of the following:
    • Hands on experience of deploying DL/ML on Mobile Devices / IoT Edge Devices / Embedded boards (CPU + GPU/NPU, DSP).
    • Experience in DL / ML model optimization for devices with limited compute power.
    • Experience with Video Compression, CODECS, encode/decode using hardware accelerators.